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I recently enjoyed reading Brodow's Fixer and wanted to read more of his work. The Stamp did not disappoint. You are in for a ride with this well-written suspenseful thriller. It grabs you and takes you along and never stalls. I was hooked right on page one. The main character has 1968 "stamped" on his forehead. This was the year he fought in Vietnam as a Marine. Now he can't rid himself of the violence that has taken over his life. When his sister is murdered and the killer gets away he follows the man to Colombia and hunts him down. Once he finds him, the unpredictable story has a wonderful twist as the tables turn.

The author's style is direct and unpretentious making The Stamp very easy to read. The characters are strong with an intelligence about what they are doing and thinking. I immediately became involved with the characters and caught up in their journey. I liked the female character as she holds her own and doesn't fold under pressure. The author's humor really comes across as he describes "cigar-borne aliens" and a rat that provides the floorshow in a restaurant.

I'm really looking forward to reading The Stamp again. There are parts I want to re-visit so I can savor my appreciation of this marvelous story. I'm also looking forward to reading more of this talented author's work.

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